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PrintReleaf is a service which helps customers reduce their environmental impact through a patent pending software platform, the PrintReleaf Exchange [PRX]. PRX connects enterprise printer environments to a network of Global Reforestation Projects. Through PRX, customers certifiably reforest their paper consumption by planting trees where the planet needs them most.



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Over the last century, approximately 5 billion acres of land have been deforested or degraded, in part due to tree harvesting for paper manufacturing and consumption.* A mere 10 percent of the world’s forests are sustainably certified.

However, for PrintReleaf customers, we guarantee to reforest every sheet of paper measured by the PrintReleaf Exchange [PRX]. Regardless of the paper’s origin, PrintReleaf either neutralizes deforestation or accelerates reforestation .


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sustainable (remanufactured) toner cartridges

PrintReleaf empowers businesses to certifiably reduce the environmental impact of using forest products by automatically planting trees across a global network of reforestation projects.

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